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Replacing Papers : Please email Bob Parks with the RePEc reference to your paper (search for your paper on or and use that url). Be sure to attach the new version. It may take up to a week before I can update your paper and I will reply to your email when the update is done.

I can only replace papers on EconWPA - RePEc references will have wuwpxx - where xx is a two letter designation of the area. Please do not ask me to replace other papers - I can not do that.

If you want to submit new papers, please use the Munich Personal RePEc Archive

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JEL Category JEL Category
A General Economics and Teaching B Method and Hist of Econ Thought
C1-C5,C8 Econometrics D1-D4 Microeconomics
C6,D5,D9 GE, Growth, Math methods C7,D8 Game Theory and Information
maybe.C8 Computational Economics C9 Experimental
E Macroeconomics F0,F1,F2 International Trade
F3,F4 International Finance G Finance
D6,D7,H Public Economics I HEW
J Labor and Demography L Industrial Organization
K Law and Economics N Economic History
O,P Development and Comp Systems R Urban/Regional
Q,Z All Others software Computer Programs
Risk and Insurance Data Sets

EconWPA began as a conversation between Bob Parks and Larry Blume on January 28, 1993. I located Paul Ginsparg's archive (then and he graciously installed his software on a Sun Sparc system which was supporting the department of economics email and computation. EconWPA began accepting papers July 1, 1993 and had ftp, email, gopher and web interfaces. The web interface for submissions was engineered into existence in July 1995. A complete and catastrophic machine failure in 1999 caused the loss of EconWPA's email new paper announcment service at which time there were over 15,000 subscriptions with over 8,000 unique email addresses.

In 2005, Arts and Sciences commandeered the computing services that I had provided to the Department of Economics since 1987. Some might say that the department was sold out, others would (erroneously) claim that centralization is efficient, and still others would claim that I have few marketing skills.

I was told that I could keep operating EconWPA (as well as many other services including,, and three RePEc servers) but I would receive no support (hardware, software, or anthing else) and (as had been the case) no compensation. At that point, given the apparent low valuation of my activities by the department, and university, it made no sense for me to continue operating EconWPA or other services.

Thanks to all who have supported EconWPA in the past.

A Chinese curse states May you live in intersting times. I have. Bob Parks - Jan 2006